"viewer"The United States is a crazy old country and a banana republic.

The British magazine Spectator noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping considers the United States a fading superpower and a crazy old state, and also called the United States a “banana republic”.

“Xi sees the United States not only as a fading superpower, but as a completely crazy old country,” said Freddie Gray, a writer for the magazine.

He added: “One of the features of the United States retreat is the failure of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and another ‘mistake’ by US President Joe Biden, who was unable to put on his jacket and glasses after visiting Kentucky. .

He pointed out that “the homicide rate in the United States is at its highest level, and the problem of providing baby food is still not solved.”

“In principle, there should not be such problems in the most developed capitalist economies of the world,” he added.

He noted that the United States is not a banana republic, but “very similar to this republic.”

In this context, he cited the example of searches at the residence of former President Donald Trump, which could cost him the opportunity to participate in the upcoming elections, while no one broke into the house of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who violated the regime of correspondence rules.

Source: “News”

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