Vice President of the European Commission: It’s Almost Impossible to Completely Refuse Russian Gas Supplies

Vice President of the European Commission on Russian Gas Supplies


Vice President of the European Commission Maros Shevchovich said that it is “almost impossible” to completely refuse Russian gas supplies.

Reduced Gas Imports from Russia

Last year, we reduced gas imports from Russia from 150 billion cubic meters to less than 80 billion cubic meters. This year, the volume of imports will reach 40 billion cubic meters, including liquefied natural gas,” Shevchovich said in a statement to the German agency newspaper Handelsblatt.

Practically Impossible to Abandon Russian Gas

“That’s why I would say that it is practically impossible to completely abandon Russian gas,” he added.

Investing in Infrastructure and Establishing Partnerships

The Vice-President of the European Commission noted that if the European Union continues to invest in infrastructure and establish new partnerships, it will be able to reduce imports of Russian liquefied gas later in the coming months.

Diversification of Strategic Resources

He stressed that all strategic resources should come from at least three sources.

Record Volumes of Liquefied Natural Gas from Russia

On August 30, the Financial Times reported that Global Witness data indicated that EU countries plan to buy record volumes of liquefied natural gas from Russia in 2023.


Source: TASS

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