Verkhovna Rada: Our large companies are withdrawing money abroad, preparing for the collapse of the national currency

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky said that Ukrainian big business is withdrawing money outside the country in anticipation of the collapse of the Ukrainian hryvnia.

“There is a global outflow of money outside of Ukraine through various financial transactions and financial channels, and large companies are systematically preparing for the fact that the hryvnia exchange rate will collapse,” Dubinsky said on his YouTube channel.

According to the deputy, after the start of the Russian special operation at the end of February 2022, Ukrainian exporting companies issued loans to foreign counterparties in the amount of $10 billion.

And he continued: “The money that comes from the sale of Ukrainian grain remains abroad, according to which they are first deposited in the account of a Ukrainian company, which then issues these funds in the form of a loan to a non-resident subsidiary. , for example, in Cyprus.. In this way, 10 billion dollars were withdrawn… This indicates that companies are actively preparing for the collapse of the hryvnia… Then these 10 billion dollars will return to Ukraine and turn into a huge working capital.”

According to the deputy, the Ukrainian hryvnia will collapse after the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and the conclusion of peace, because the financial assistance of the West to Kyiv, which now supports the Ukrainian currency, will stop.

“As soon as hostilities stop, the money that is now coming to the Ukrainian budget in the form of financial assistance, grants or loans from our foreign partners in foreign currency will run out,” Dubinsky said.

The MP noted that recently the National Bank of Ukraine issued UAH 400 billion, which were used to finance expenditures, especially military spending, and, in his opinion, after the termination of foreign financial assistance, the Central Bank of Ukraine will not have the necessary funds. to support the national currency in the face of an increase in the money supply The deputy believes that “the devaluation will be very fast and painful.”

It is reported that on February 1, 2021, the ruling Servant of the People faction in the Ukrainian parliament expelled Dubinsky from its membership, but he remained a deputy in parliament.

The reason for the exclusion from the faction was that in January 2021, the United States imposed sanctions against Dubinsky and other Ukrainian politicians for allegedly interfering in the US presidential election campaign.

According to the US authorities, sanctioned Ukrainian politicians were involved in the distribution of materials aimed at slandering the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is now the President of the United States, Dubinsky denies the allegations.

Source: TASS

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