Velayati: Iranian-Russian and Chinese trio is able to repel the expansionist tendencies of America and the West

Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser to the Iranian leadership on international affairs, stressed that Iran, Russia and China, as they make up a “growing and capable trio”, can withstand the expansionist tendencies of America and the West.

Velayati said there are countries in the eastern region, including India, China and Russia, that have achieved a major economic, scientific and technological renaissance that needs to be addressed to keep pace with this progress.

He added that Iran, as one of the few countries that openly declared its rejection of America and its policies and is able to continue its political path, has established constructive and successful relations with various countries, including with the rising powers of the East, such as Russia. and China.

Pointing to the technical and economic well-being of Russia, China and India, the adviser asked the question: “What prevents us from building cooperation with these countries, which have confirmed their willingness to share their experience with us, in contrast to Western countries that have refused to do so? ?!”

In this context, he said that the seventh summit of the leaders of the countries sponsoring the talks in Astana, which was held in Tehran last week, was a very important step after Biden’s unsuccessful tour of the region.

He said the summit proved that relations between the three countries are close and expanding, pointing out that the difference between the Tehran summit and Biden’s tour is that the latter’s visit was a failure from the start.

Regarding the developments in Ukraine, the adviser to the Iranian leader on international affairs explained that, on the basis of an agreement concluded after the collapse of the USSR between NATO and Russia, the alliance was committed not to include any of the countries that seceded from the former USSR and to respect the buffer zone between the two sides.

He went on to say: “But NATO has not delivered on its commitments. Rather, America and Europe intervened in the internal affairs of Ukraine and thus staged numerous coups against the government and replaced it with a government linked to the West.”

Velayati pointed out that what happened recently in Ukraine, in connection with the latter’s request to join NATO, is a flagrant violation of the agreement signed between Russia and NATO countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Referring to the “long- and medium-term” prospects for cooperation between Iran and Russia, Velayati stressed that the strategic depth of the Iranian-Russian relationship is likely to expand to the level of strategic relationship that both countries are striving for in light of the abundant common interests between them.

Source: Erna

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