Valverde’s wife responds to Villarreal player after conflict resolution

Mina Bonino, girlfriend of Real Madrid midfielder Fede Valverde, responded to a statement made by Villarreal player Alex Baena after he was attacked by the royal player last Saturday after the two teams faced La Liga.

Several reports said Valverde was waiting for Alex Baena next to the team’s bus, with the Uruguayan star telling the Villarreal player, “Repeat what you said to me on the pitch about my son,” before punching him in the face.

Baena spoke out during his official statement, confirming that he suffered from the lies and will sue for what happened to him and the allegations made by his family after the fact.

“After everything we’ve been through, I feel pain because I had to read a statement claiming that we are benefiting from the disaster,” Mina Bonino said during statements published by the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

She added: “There is a God who sees everything and knows the truth, and we are calm, but they open a wound that has not yet healed, and I cannot find psychological peace until the baby is born.”

And she added: “There are limits that cannot be crossed. Not everything is allowed in football, and not everything is allowed in life.

“There are limits, and the limit is direct pain that anyone can inflict. I don’t perform for anyone.”

And she concluded: “I convey my pain, and if someone doesn’t want to talk today, it’s because he doesn’t want to relive what happened, but on the contrary, he wants to end this business as soon as possible. .”

Source: “Media”

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