Users of Discord will be Required to Select New User Names

On Wednesday, the online chat service Discord said that it will soon require all of its users to alter the usernames they have associated with their accounts. Additionally, the service said that the appearance of usernames will change going forward.

Users of Discord will be Required to Select New User Names_

Each new username will have an at symbol before it and may have lowercase letters, numbers, a period, or an underscore, according to a blog post by Discord. In the new usernames, special characters of any kind will no longer be permitted, and the four-digit number that was previously appended to the end of usernames (such as #1337, for example) will be removed. Because of these changes, usernames on Facebook will begin to resemble those seen on other social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Discord, Stanislav Vishnevskiy, stated in an online post that the upcoming modifications are intended to make it simpler for users to locate one another and establish connections with one another.

According to what he wrote, “Our current usernames can often be too complicated or obscure for people to remember easily, and sharing them can be similarly challenging.”

However, you are unable to alter your name at this time. You will be required to wait until Discord notifies you within the app to change your username, and the process will begin with accounts that are many years old first. Additionally, the app will guide you through the process of changing your username.

You will still be able to set a display name that is distinct from your username, even after this change.

According to what the service had written, “Your display name is how you will primarily appear across Discord.” “It is how other users will see you in Direct Messages (DMs) where a friend nickname is not set, in servers where a server nickname is not set, and in other places like friend requests.”

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