US Treasury: Russia can use the services of the G7 if it agrees to sell its oil at a specified price

The US Treasury has announced that Russia will be able to use the services provided by the G7 countries if it adheres to the ceiling on its oil prices set by the G7 countries.

A US State Department statement on Friday said that “Russia can sell oil at or below the set price level, keeping its oil on world markets at low prices for importers and benefiting from the high-quality services provided by seven countries. countries”.

She added: “They can also rely on service providers from outside the seven countries, whose scope is limited, more expensive and less reliable.”

The ministry considered that “it is in the interests of Russia to maintain sales volumes at the current level.”

This is happening against the backdrop of an agreement between the G-7 countries and Australia to set a price ceiling for Russian oil at $60 per barrel.

The European Union also agreed to set a price ceiling for Russian oil at the same level.

Russia has announced that it will not sell oil to countries that will apply these measures.

Source: News

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