US State Department Forced to Shoot Down March as Russia Intended or Not

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Russia may not have intentionally shot down a US drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday.

He added: “The most reasonable explanation at the moment is that these actions were most likely unintentional and may have been the result of the lack of professionalism of one of the Russian pilots, but this, in the end, does not matter, what is important is that what happened, how the Russian plane forced us to shoot down on the march.

And US Forces European Command previously issued a statement claiming that “a Russian Su-27 aircraft collided over the Black Sea with an American MQ-9 drone, which as a result crashed in neutral waters, and that President Joe Badin was informed of the incident.” .

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the crash of an American drone heading towards Crimea in the Black Sea, and that two Russian fighter jets flew to intercept it and did not shoot it down.

It stated that the drone did not work with means of identification in violation of the no-fly zone declared by the Russian Ministry of Defense over the Black Sea, about which all users of international airspace were informed in accordance with international standards.

The department said that as a result of a sharp maneuver around 9:30 Moscow time, the MQ-9 lost altitude and crashed into the water.

Source: TASS

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