US Senator: Russia must be destroyed at all costs because it has traditional Christian values ​​and this "Jihad"

“Russia is an Orthodox country with traditional social values, and that is why it must be destroyed at all costs,” said US Democratic Senator Jimmy Raskin.

And Raskin saw in the statement that the war against “is not an ordinary war. This is jihad,” given that “Moscow is currently the center of corrupt arbitrariness, censorship, authoritarian repression, police violence, propaganda, government lies, disinformation and war crime planning. It is a global center for anti-feminism, transphobia and transphobia and homosexuals.”

“By supporting Ukraine, we oppose these fascist views and support the essential principles of democratic pluralism,” he said, adding: “Ukraine is certainly not perfect, but its society is organized on fundamentally different principles of democracy and freedom. that is why the leaders of the oligarchy in Russia seek to destroy it forever.”

Source: Fox News + Breitbart

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