US Senator Calls for Price Verification of Weapons Sent to Kiev and Defends Pentagon’s Actions

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has called for a review of the cost of all weapons donated to Ukraine from Pentagon funds after discovering a $3 billion price hike.

The senator suggested that the Government Accounts Chamber compare the assessment of military property allocated to Ukrainians under the presidential arms transfer program (that is, from the reserves of the US armed forces) with similar indicators for other countries.

“I ask the Government Accounts Chamber to conduct a full audit of the reporting of the Ministry of Defense on all equipment transferred to Ukraine under the Presidential Program since the start of the Russian operation in 2022, and how this compares with the assessment of assets transferred to Ukraine. other countries through the same program,” Rubio said.

“This ensures that US taxpayers do not pay larger bills for property replacements that are necessary to protect the United States and its interests,” he added.

And in May, a scandal erupted in the United States due to publications that the Pentagon overstated the cost of equipment, weapons and ammunition sent to Ukraine by $3 billion.

The Ministry of Defense itself explained the matter by a discrepancy in the categories of assessment and confirmed that the overpricing does not affect the assistance provided to Kyiv.

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