US Secretary of Defense Announces Number of Leopard-2 Tanks for Ukraine

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the obligation of 9 countries to supply Ukraine with 150 German Leopard-2 tanks.

Austin added during an email meeting of members of the Western Contact Group on Military Assistance to Ukraine that the alliance of countries supplying Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks is growing, and that 9 countries of the “tank” alliance have pledged to supply more than 150 tanks to Kiev.

Austin noted that the number of countries providing military support to Ukraine, in particular, tanks and air defense systems, is increasing.

“Now we are at a turning point in Ukraine’s struggle for freedom, and we must all show enduring determination and unity, and this means fulfilling our obligations on a large scale and in the shortest possible time,” Austin said.

Austin called for an increase in the number of weapons and ammunition that are sent to Ukraine, as well as an increase in military production for weapons factories to achieve this goal.

According to the Pentagon, since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, the United States has allocated more than $32 billion in military assistance to Ukraine.

Source: TASS

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