US sanctions violation results in Microsoft paying $3.3 million fine

US authorities have announced that Microsoft has agreed to pay $3.3 million in fines for violating US export sanctions.

The US Treasury has indicated in her statementOn Thursday, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce and the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control imposed fines on the company related to the export of services or software to countries sanctioned by Washington.

The filing indicated that the Office of Industry and Security imposed a $624,000 fine on the company, with a deduction of $276,000 after Microsoft complied with the terms of the settlement, in addition to a fine of more than $2.9 million imposed by the Office. foreign affairs. Asset control, against the background of monitoring 1339 violations by the company.

The statement states that we are talking about sanctions against Russia, Iran and Syria.

The US authorities considered that Microsoft violated the sanctions regime by allowing the use of its products in the Crimea, which joined Russia in 2014 after a referendum that Washington did not recognize.

Source: RT

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