US representative: NATO summit in Madrid will declare Russia the biggest danger

The fact that NATO countries will commit to deploying new forces in Europe during the alliance’s summit in Madrid, a senior US administration official said, and Russia claims the “greatest danger” as part of the new strategy of the alliance.

“Russia remains the biggest threat number one to the alliance, but the strategy will also include more multifaceted and far-reaching challenges to European and Atlantic security from China,” the official told reporters on Wednesday.

He continued: “Leaders will announce new force deployment commitments to strengthen NATO’s line of defense and deterrence. In March, they agreed that they would do it.”

The official stressed that “the United States will announce in the course of steps aimed at strengthening European security, and it is also expected that there will be significant new commitments for the contribution of allies.”

The NATO summit will be held in Madrid on June 29-30.

Source: TASS

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