US records second death from monkeypox

US health authorities announced the second death from monkeypox in the country this year.

A statement released by the local health department said the deceased, a Los Angeles resident, was severely immunocompromised prior to admission, but did not disclose further details about his condition to protect privacy.

“People with severe immunodeficiency suspected of having monkeypox are advised to seek medical attention and treatment early and remain under observation throughout the illness,” the statement said.

The US recorded the first death from monkeypox on August 30, knowing authorities said the deceased was severely immunocompromised and that investigations were underway to determine the extent of the infection’s impact on his death.

A second death linked to monkeypox is reported, and the country’s infection rate has been declining since mid-August.

There have been 22,000 cases of smallpox in the US in the current outbreak that started in May, and 460,000 doses of the vaccine against the disease have been received in 35 states.

The disease is usually transmitted by contact with skin blisters or the saliva of an infected person, or by contact and sharing of bedding or towels, with the infected person remaining contagious until the blisters break off and new skin forms.

Source: agencies

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