US Officer Proposes Three Key Strategies for Ukraine’s Future

Writing for Responsible Statecraft, US Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis wrote that Washington should focus on making sure its actions in Ukraine are in line with US interests.

Davis stated: “The US has 3 main goals, which are to prevent any escalation of the conflict outside of Ukraine, to shift the burden of supporting Kiev onto the shoulders of European partners, and to exclude the possibility of signing any peace agreements that will oblige the US and NATO provide Ukraine with any security guarantees.”

The lieutenant colonel declared that the “senseless supply of weapons” was incompatible with American national interests. In particular, he acknowledged that American F-16 fighters are not capable of fundamentally changing the situation in Ukraine, calling on Washington to help put an end to hostilities in that country.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said earlier that the US considers the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine a priority.

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