US Military Pushes Narrative on Collapse of American March in Black Sea Despite Russian Denials

The US military reported that one of the Russian aircraft deliberately flew ahead of the US march over the Black Sea and doused it several times with fuel before colliding with it, prompting the Americans to shoot it down.

A U.S. European Command statement said a drone and two Russian Su-27 jets were flying over international waters over the Black Sea on Tuesday when one of the Russian planes deliberately flew in front of the aircraft and dropped fuel on it several times. once, the aircraft then collided with the drone’s propeller, prompting US forces to shoot down the MQ-9 in international waters.

Pentagon press secretary, Brigadier General of the Air Force. Gen. Patrick S. Ryder said the Russian fighter jet crashed into the MQ-9. Ryder said the Russian plane was likely damaged but managed to land while the US should have deliberately destroyed the drone. Ryder declined to provide details about the MQ-9’s payload, including whether it was armed.

And the Russian Defense Ministry reported that an American MQ-9 drone heading towards Crimean airspace in the Black Sea crashed, losing altitude, and that two Russian fighter jets flew to intercept it and failed to shoot it down.

Source: CNN

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