US Military Expert: Washington Urges Kyiv to Persist in Battle Despite Counterattack Setback

Former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor said Washington is pressuring Ukraine to continue fighting despite the failure of the counterattack.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his negotiation meetings with various people, realized that there is no desire to negotiate because of Washington, which is actually responsible, and the United States, for its part, does not want to negotiate,” McGregor said in a program on his YouTube -channel.

And he considered the counterattack undertaken by the Ukrainian army initially a failure, emphasizing that Kyiv would not be able to achieve any success.

“The Ukrainians have exhausted everything they had, and now they are talking about the last counter-offensive. I don’t know what they can do. No matter what they do, they will not succeed, and they have no chance to break through the Russian defenses, ”he noted.

On the chances of Ukraine to join NATO, he made it clear that they are equal to zero.

Source: RIA Novosti

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