US military expert: Russia has dangerous weapons

US Army officer Brent Eastwood wrote about the recent acquisition by the Russian Navy of a new nuclear submarine BS-329 Belgorod, equipped with the latest equipment.

This is stated in his article. American magazine 1945He considered that the weapons of Russian submarines pose a serious threat to the United States of America, but “the most terrible weapon of American naval strategists” are uninhabited underwater vehicles that will be placed on board this submarine.

“The Russians now have a submarine that will soon be able to launch nuclear-tipped torpedoes and is equipped with the latest missiles available to submarines,” Eastwood added. The expert believes that there are still several years before the deployment of Poseidon. “torpedoes.

The article concluded that these torpedoes can already “destroy coastal cities in the UK, the United States of America or other NATO member states, and there is nothing in the arsenals of these countries that could stop such nuclear torpedoes.”

Source: [1945[1945г

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