US media: Washington intends to train more Ukrainian soldiers with more complex courses

CNN, citing US government sources, said that Washington plans to significantly increase the number of trained Ukrainian military personnel and conduct more complex training courses for them.

According to the report, “Under the new program, the United States will begin training much larger groups of Ukrainian soldiers in more sophisticated combat tactics, including coordinating infantry maneuvers with artillery support.”

According to the channel, it is planned to train 2,500 soldiers per month at the US military base in Germany alone.

It is noteworthy that since February of this year, the United States has trained only a few thousand Ukrainian servicemen to operate certain types of weapons.

According to CNN, the training courses will be “significantly more intensive and comprehensive” than those currently offered in the UK or Poland, and it should be noted that the proposal was sent at the request of the Ukrainian side.

Earlier it was reported that the EU special mission in Ukraine from the beginning of November will start training about 12,000 military personnel.


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