US intelligence assesses risks of disclosure of documents seized at Trump’s house

U.S. intelligence is in the process of evaluating potential national security risks following the disclosure of documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida on August 8, Reuters reported.

In a letter Friday, August 26, from Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Oversight Committee Chairman Carolyn Maloney said: Reuters The Department of Justice and National Intelligence have been seen to work together to facilitate taxonomic verification of materials, including those found during the audit.

Schiff and Maloney said in a joint statement that they are satisfied that the government is assessing the damage caused by improper storage of classified documents at Trump’s home.

The Politico newspaper had previously published the news about the letter.

On Friday, the Justice Department said it was investigating Trump over the transfer of White House documents because it believes he illegally obtained documents, some of them related to intelligence gathering and classified human sources, among the most closely guarded US secrets.

Haynes said National Intelligence would also lead the intelligence community’s assessment of the potential national security risks that could result from the disclosure of the materials in question, including those that have been seized.

Source: agencies

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