US Government Plans to Militarize Venezuela-Guyana Border Dispute: Venezuelan Foreign Minister

The US Plans to Establish a Military Base in Disputed Venezuela-Guyana Region

The US government intends to “militarize” the territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana over the disputed Essequibo region by establishing a military base there, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Evan Hale said.

US Intentions Condemned by Venezuela

In his speech to the UN General Assembly, the minister added: “We condemn the United States government’s intention to militarize the situation (in Essequibo). The US Southern Command is trying to establish a military base in the disputed region in order to create the spearhead of its aggression against Venezuela and seize our energy resources.” “The Venezuelan Parliament has approved a referendum on the defense of its sovereign territory from the aggression of the US Empire. Venezuela reaffirms its commitment to peace, as well as its firm decision to defend its sovereignty and integrity.”

America’s Intervention in the Conflict

The Venezuelan minister continued: “The American government, which considers itself sovereign over the American continent, is once again intervening in a 200-year-old conflict over the Essequibo region, and intends to seize Venezuelan oil with the help of Exxon Mobil, which controls the government of Guyana, which provides oil concessions in the “undivided territorial sea”, which is a complete violation of international law. It is impossible to dispose of disputed territories unilaterally, but the government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana continues its illegal behavior.”

A Longstanding Border Dispute

The origins of the border dispute between Venezuela and Guyana date back to the nineteenth century, and in 1899 an agreement was reached between Britain and Venezuela. According to her, the borders between the two countries were determined by an international mediator. However, Guyana did not sign this agreement and continued to control the disputed territories.

Tensions Escalate Due to Oil and Gas Reserves

Tensions between the two countries have risen in recent years due to the presence of huge oil and gas reserves in the disputed region.

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