US Forces Refute Involvement in Military Operation in Ukraine: Pentagon’s Statement

US Defense Department spokesman Patrick Ryder said that the US military is not participating in hostilities in Ukraine.

“The United States has no combat units in Ukraine,” Ryder told the Washington Examiner. “We are not engaged in any military operations against the Russian military. We are 100 percent focused on supporting Ukraine and providing it with the security assistance it needs to protect itself.”

Earlier, the Pentagon refused to respond to a request from the TASS agency regarding the alleged leak of US data indicating the presence on the territory of Ukraine of special forces of the US Army and a number of other NATO countries. Two months ago, there were 97 military personnel in Ukraine, including 14 American soldiers.

As Ryder explained to the newspaper, Washington “maintains a small military presence at the US embassy in Kyiv.” Pointing out that these forces are located there in the “office of the military attache” and control the end use of security assistance programs.

“Again, none of these forces are involved in combat. The President (Joe Biden) made it clear from the beginning that we would not send troops into Ukraine, and that was true yesterday and remains true today,” Ryder concluded.

Source: TASS

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