US Fifth Fleet reacts to Iranian seizure of two unmanned boats

US Navy Central Command denied reports received from Iran about its recent capture of two US Fifth Fleet drones.

The management said in a tweet on their official Twitter page that the news was “not true at all”.

She noted that the US Fifth Fleet continues to operate its systems throughout the Middle East in accordance with international law and without interruption.

And the Fars agency reported that the 84th naval squadron of the Iranian international mission managed to capture two American drones.

Navy Commander Shahram Irani said on Friday that the Islamic Republic’s navy had confiscated two boats in international waters, highlighting the navy’s role in protecting the homeland, according to what the Iranian agency quoted.

The Iranian said that this was not the first time the Iranian navy had captured American drones.

It is worth noting that the Iranian Navy captured three seven-meter Saildrone Explorer maritime drones during two incidents that occurred on the night of August 29-30 and September 1.

During the first incident in the waters of the Persian Gulf, an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps vessel was seen on the march to release it later, sending an American patrol boat and a helicopter to the place.

During the second incident, an Iranian destroyer confiscated two Saildrone Explorer drones in the Red Sea and carried them aboard.

The presence of two American warships and helicopters allowed the Iranians to persuade them to return them the next day, after the cameras were removed from them, which was confirmed by the US military.

These maritime drones are equipped with sensors, radar and cameras and are controlled by the 59th Special Forces Detachment of the Fifth Fleet, headquartered in Bahrain.

This force was formed last year to develop surveillance capabilities in the region through parades and artificial intelligence.

Source: RT + Iranian media

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