US F-35 fighters arrived at the air base in Estonia

American fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets arrived on Friday at the Omari airbase near the Estonian capital Tallinn to “strengthen the eastern flank of the coalition in the Baltic region.”

According to the press service of the General Staff of the Estonian Armed Forces: “American F-35 fighters of the fifth generation arrived at the Imari airbase near Tallinn to strengthen the task of protecting the airspace over the Baltic countries.”

In addition to American F-35s, French Mirage-2000 fighters and Belgian F-16s are currently stationed in Amari as part of a mission to protect airspace over the Baltic countries.

The Baltic States do not have suitable aircraft for air patrols, therefore, since April 2004, after they joined NATO, aircraft of NATO countries based in Lithuania at the Zhukania airfield, five kilometers from Siauliai, have been taking part in protecting the airspace. alternately. Since 2014, the Amari Air Base has become an additional location for NATO aircraft.

Source: RIA Novosti

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