US destroyer arrives at naval base in Turkey

The US Sixth Fleet announced the arrival of the USS Bainbridge at the Aksaz Naval Base in southwest Turkey.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned destroyer is part of the US Navy strike group operating in the Mediterranean Sea, and is under the command of the aircraft carrier Harry Truman.

The group also includes the cruiser San Jacinto and the destroyers Cole, Greefly, Jason Dunham and Gonzalez, as well as a nuclear submarine carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The US Sixth Fleet confirmed on Monday that French frigates Languedoc and Italian Albino have joined the group to participate in joint operations.

It was previously planned to send a group to the Persian Gulf region, but the US command changed its plans and decided to leave the group in the Mediterranean due to the situation in Ukraine.

Source: Interfax

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