US court system releases document "revised" Justifies raid and ransack of Trump’s home in Florida

The U.S. judiciary has released a court document, the contents of which have been redacted in favor of the investigation, outlining the reasons why the Federal Police raided former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida.

Federal Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered the Department of Justice to release this basic document, which should detail the reasons that led to the investigation into Donald Trump, citing public interest in the unprecedented raid on the home of a former U.S. president, but the judge accepted the department’s request to redact important parts of the document , which could reveal the identity of some of the participants in the case in the name of the “urgent” need to protect the investigation.

The authorities waited until the last moment and published the incoming document 38 pages Back at 12:00 (16:00 GMT), the deadline set by Judge Reinhart.

The authorities opposed the publication of the aforementioned document, arguing that it required editing “so substantial that it would purge the leaked text of any important content.”

The Justice Department said the information must remain confidential to protect “a significant number of civilian witnesses” as well as to protect law enforcement and the integrity of the investigation itself.

Recordings released Friday show Trump’s lawyers trying to convince the Justice Department not to launch a criminal investigation, arguing that the former president had the right to declassify the documents.

On August 8, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida and confiscated boxes of classified documents that the Republican did not return after leaving the White House despite repeated requests.

Donald Trump, who intends to run for president in 2024, has criticized the process, which he sees as an example of a “wild campaign” aimed at him.

Source: AFP.

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