US Congress passes first gun control law in decades

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a gun control bill that includes measures to restrict their use after it was approved by the Senate.

The House of Representatives passed the bill to President Joe Biden to become law.

While the measures included in the law have been described as modest, it is the first law of its kind to regulate firearms since 1994.

The bipartisan bill aims to end gun violence and its approval by both houses of Congress comes just hours after a conservative Supreme Court majority overturned a century-old New York law requiring concealed carry handgun permits to expand gun rights.

In doing so, lawmakers broke the deadlock that had existed for decades in gun control by issuing their first safety regulations nearly 30 years ago.

Gun regulation is a central issue for both sides, as there have been numerous mass shootings in recent years.

The gun law includes checks for young buyers and federal funds for states that allow courts to seize menacing weapons.

Source: AFP

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