US Central Command "lion-prepared"Hybrid Threats Facing Partners in the Middle East

US Central Command said Washington’s partners in the Middle East are facing hybrid threats from state and non-state actors.

The statement said the Swift Lion maneuvers in Jordan “reflect the commitment of the United States to its partners in the Middle East” in the face of what it said are “aggressive actions by malign forces around the world.”

Exercise Swift Lion is one of the “partnerships that enable us to face ongoing threats,” she added.

She explained that the exercises include the use of long-range bombers, cyber threats, missile defense, and maritime and border security.

“We are committed to responding to threats to our allies in the region from any direction,” US Central Command said.

Today, Sunday, the Swift Lion maneuvers started in Jordan, which will last until September 15 with the participation of 27 countries, including the USA, Great Britain and France.

About 1,700 US military personnel, 2,200 Jordanian military personnel and 400 military personnel from other countries are participating in the exercise.

Source: RT

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