US Bans Air Travel Over Russia

The New York Times writes that American airlines, having lost the ability to fly over Russia, called on Congress and the White House to ban foreign competitors from flying through Russian airspace.

The newspaper said that due to the loss of polar routes, which saves flight time and reduces fuel consumption, US airlines have changed plans for flights across the Pacific and reduced the number of passengers and shipments, and also delayed the launch of more than 10 scheduled flights. routes to Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul and many other cities.

She explained that for this reason, American airlines are suffering huge financial losses, as competing airlines that have the right to fly through Russian airspace transport their passengers faster and at lower prices. Representatives of this belief believe that access to these short routes through Russian airspace gives Air India, Emirates and China Eastern Airlines an “unfair advantage”. For its part, the aviation lobby group Airlines for America said that US airlines lost $2 billion in market share each year.

US airlines are insisting that the White House and Congress should “fix this issue” by imposing the same restrictions that US airlines face on foreign carriers, “virtually forcing them to fly the same routes as their US competitors.”

Airlines for America spokeswoman Marley Collier said the Biden administration should take action to bar foreign airlines that fly over Russia from “taking off, landing and transiting at U.S. airports.”

The newspaper, citing informed sources, said the US Department of Transportation “apparently” supported the proposal and recently prepared a draft order to ban Chinese airlines flying to the US from flying through Russian airspace. The sources added that a group of White House staffers is currently discussing the draft in this matter.

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