US Army trains Ukrainian military to use tanks "Abrams"

The head of the US National Guard, General Daniel Hokanson, confirmed the readiness of its units to train Ukrainian forces in the use of American weapons, including Abrams tanks.

The general said during a press conference on Tuesday, in response to a question about the readiness of US forces to train Ukrainian soldiers in the handling of Abrams tanks: “I can’t comment specifically on the situation with Abrams tanks, and I don’t participate in those discussions, but I know that this is important. The request was addressed to the National Guard, we have been implementing it in agreement with the Ukrainian side since the beginning of our partnership in 1993.

Hokanson added that US National Guard troops were training Ukrainian forces in Lviv ahead of the start of the Russian military operation.

He continued: “And we continue to train them in Germany in the use of weapons systems and other things in which they may need our help. And it is clear that we will do whatever they ask of us.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the US administration is tempted to provide Ukraine with US M1 Abrams tanks, and that the delivery could be announced this week, but US officials have not yet made their decision.

Source: TASS

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