Upgrade Your iPhone Experience with Apple’s Latest iOS 16.4 Release: Here’s What’s New!

Apple’s iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 are in beta testing right now. Still, iPhone and iPad owners are already excited about them because they have many features people have been waiting for. So, how long do you have to wait until these updates come out?

Apple hasn’t given a specific date for iOS 16.4, saying only “spring,” but there are several signs that it’s coming soon.

First, beta testing of the software has been ongoing since February 16. Second, the great Thinky Bits chart (below) shows that significant point releases are constantly tested for about 40 to 50 days. The date March 28 is forty days after February 16.

Upgrade Your iPhone Experience with Apple's Latest iOS 16.4 Release Here's What's New

Third, the first day of “spring” is March 20. Fourth, Apple usually releases significant updates to iOS on Tuesdays. So, the dates for iOS 16.4 to come out are March 21 and 28, but April 4 or 11 is also possible if there are any delays.

So why is everyone so excited about iOS 16.4? The most important parts of the new update are:

  • The return of HomeKit architecture was removed by iOS 16.2.
  • An updated Apple Podcasts interface.
  • Support for Safari Web Push Notifications when the pages are saved to an iPhone or iPad Home Screen.
  • Support for Home Screen website shortcuts for pages added by third-party browsers.
  • This is a big deal for Chrome users.
  • Numerous new emoji, including blackbird, blue and gray hearts, comb, donkey, fan, flute, ginger, goose, hyacinth, jellyfish, maracas, moose, pea pod, pink heart, shaking head, and wing.
  • Apple Books’ traditional “curl” page-turning animation returns by popular request

Apple iOS 16.4 works with devices that support iOS 16, which includes the iPhone 8/iPhone X and newer models. The same happens with iPadOS 16.4, which means the iPad 5th generation and later.

iOS 16.4 will be one of the last updates for iOS 16. Apple will show off iOS 17 at its WWDC event in June. After that, iOS 16 will likely only get security patches and bug fixes.

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