Unprecedented Surge in Egypt’s Vital Food Item Prices

Shops in Egyptian markets saw price increases for pasta and rice, coupled with rising production costs and rising inflation to historic levels.

Hazem Al-Menoufi, head of food, groceries and spices at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, said rice prices have risen in the Egyptian market with prices rising for a number of strategic commodities following increased production. expenses.

The head of the department of food, groceries and spices at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce added that the price of rice in shops has risen so that the price per kilogram ranges from 26 to 30 pounds, after the price per ton rose to between 26,000 and 30,000.

Al Menofi added that the average price of a tonne of pasta is 20,000 pounds, reaching the consumer at an average price of 20 pounds per kilogram, indicating that prices for strategic goods at “Welcome to Ramadan” exhibitions available in all cities and governorates, still at discounted prices of up to 30%.

Many citizens seek food information at the Welcome to Ramadan exhibitions due to the approach of the blessed month and the desire of citizens to store strategic food items.

Source: Cairo 24

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