Understanding the Distinction Between Saudi Airways and Riyadh Airways: Insights from Saudi Transport Minister

Saudi Transport Minister Saleh Al Jasser revealed the difference between Saudi Airways and Riyadh.

In a statement to Al-Arabiya, Saleh Al Jasser explained: “Riyadh Airlines is the hub of its operations in Riyadh and it will connect Riyadh to all cities in the Kingdom and the world.”

He added: “Saudi Airways will connect Jeddah with cities in the Kingdom and around the world.”

Today, Monday, an exceptional event took place in the skies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: the first aircraft of Riyadh Airlines flew over Riyadh.

Today, Riyadh Airlines held a demonstration tour in the skies of the capital city of Riyadh to highlight their new identity. The itinerary included Riyadh City Boulevard, King Saud University, King Khalid Mosque, Al Faisaliya Tower and Al Murabba.

Source: RT

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