Uncovering the Stolen Villa of Mohamed Salah in Egypt and Its Perpetrators

Within 48 hours, the Egyptian security forces managed to arrest the perpetrators of the theft of the villa of the player Mohamed Salah in a residential complex in New Cairo.

The Egyptian Ministry of the Interior said in a statement: “As part of the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior authorities to disclose the circumstances of what was reported to the security services of the Cairo Security Directorate on March 12 from the manager of the affairs of the football player, that he discovered the theft of part of the property of the villa belonging to the aforementioned player located in one of the residential complexes in New Cairo.

And further in the statement: “As a result of investigations and information gathering, as well as route tracing, the security services were able to identify the persons responsible for the incident, and it was determined that they were (two people, one of whom was a former security officer of the aforementioned residential complex” – residing in the province of Ismailia) and that the incident took place on (2) March.”

The Egyptian Ministry of the Interior indicated that after the legalization of procedures, they were detained and confronted, they confessed to the incident, and one of them admitted that due to his previous work as a security officer in the same residential area and knowing that there were no residents in the villa, he planned to commit the incident in partnership with the second defendant, when they climbed over the back wall of the aforementioned villa, went inside and committed the incident … and all the stolen items were confiscated. (number of sneakers – silver medal – crystal – number of receivers).

Source: RT

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