Uncovering the reasons for the sudden increase in the price of cigarettes in Egypt… and a new code for each pack

The head of the General Department of Tobacco and Cigarettes of the Egyptian Federation of Industries, Ibrahim Imbabi, said that from today, Wednesday, there will be an increase in the price of Flip Morse products from cigarettes.

Imbabi pointed out that “every extra pound goes to the public treasury, half a pound”, where the increase was as follows: “3 pounds for all kinds of marijuana, 2 pounds for malburs of all kinds and 1 pound for LM cigarettes of all kinds.”

The head of the tobacco division stressed that the reasons for the rise in cigarette prices were related to the rise in the price of the customs dollar, as well as the growth of the dollar in the country, as well as the sanctions that Egypt faced in the supply chain.

Ibrahim Imbabi explained that the barcode placed on a cigarette pack is one of the most important advances in consumer protection. Big price adjustment.

Source: Egypt Times

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