Uncovering the concealed agreement granting US military access to Papua New Guinea bases

The United States won the right to use military bases in Papua New Guinea under a security agreement it struck with the archipelago last May as part of its efforts to outflank China in the Pacific.

The full text of the agreement, which has remained secret since it was signed, was presented to Papua New Guinea’s parliament on Wednesday evening, allowing details to be revealed.

With the consent of Papua New Guinea, the United States will be able to deploy troops and ships at major airports, as well as in places such as the Lombrum Naval Base on Manus Island and the seaport in the capital, Port Moresby.

The agreement provides Washington with the right to “unhindered access” to sites for “preliminary storage of equipment, supplies and ammunition”, as well as the right to “exclusive use” of certain sectors of the bases, where “construction work” can be carried out. .

Prime Minister James Marab was forced to defend the agreement in the face of a wave of protests accusing the authorities of relinquishing the country’s sovereignty.

“We have allowed our army to weaken over the past 48 years,” Marab told parliament on Wednesday evening, stressing that “sovereignty is determined by the strength and strength of the army.”

For his part, former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill believed the agreement made Papua New Guinea a “target” and said, “America is doing this to protect its national interests and we are all aware of the geopolitical implications of what is happening in our region.” .

Papua New Guinea, located on the main sea routes, has become one of the main centers of diplomatic confrontation between Washington and Beijing.

Source: AFP.

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