Uncovered Fraud: Age Falsification of Germany Star Revealed on Newly Issued Birth Certificate

A new document has emerged proving the falsification of Yusuf Mukoko, who represented the German national team and a giant club the size of Borussia Dortmund, about his real age.

And earlier in the press it was reported that Mokoko is not 18 years old, but he is older by at least 4 years.

For its part, the German newspaper Bunte published Mukoko’s birth certificate, which states that he was born on July 19, 2000.

The document was issued in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, in the name of Youssef Mohamedou and was discovered by the newspaper during an investigation into Mukoko’s biography.

This means that the young German international is now 22 years old and not 18 as has been proven.

She pointed out that the Cameroonian attacker tried to hide the certificate but failed before it was leaked to the media.

The extent of the validity of this testimony is still unknown, which if true, means that Mukoko has other parents, since the father in the certificate is Osman Muhammadu (taxi driver) and the mother is Yusuf Harira (housewife). .

Mokoko has had a remarkable performance at Borussia Dortmund Under-17s, scoring 90 goals in 56 games and has scored 6 goals in 18 Bundesliga games this season.

Source: “Media”

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