UN urged to investigate Nord Stream blast in Russian draft resolution.

The draft resolution submitted by the Russian Federation to the Security Council called on all countries, including Denmark, Sweden and Germany, to cooperate with the UN commission in investigating the Nord Stream explosions.

“We call on UN member states, including those conducting their own investigations, to fully cooperate and share information with the commission,” the Russian draft says.

The project also called on the Secretary General of the United Nations to establish an independent international commission of inquiry to conduct a comprehensive, transparent and independent international investigation into all aspects of sabotage work on the Nord Stream 1-2 gas pipelines. as well as identify performers, sponsors, organizers and accomplices.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations shall, within 30 days, submit to the Security Council a report on the modalities for establishing said committee.

A vote on the resolution is scheduled for next Monday.

Two gas pipelines exporting Russian gas to Europe, Nord Stream 1 and 2, were blown up on September 26 last year, and Germany, Denmark and Sweden have not ruled out that this was a planned act of sabotage.

The pipeline operator, Nord Stream AG, said it could not estimate the time it would take to repair damage to the pipelines.

For its part, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office opened a case related to an act of international terrorism.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously pointed out the difficulty of disclosing the circumstances of the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline of Russian gas in Norwegian waters, expressing confidence that the truth about this sabotage will emerge sooner or later.

Source: Sputnik

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