UN Resolution on Ukraine Excludes Zelensky’s Peace Plan After Moscow Reveals Number’s Importance

The West significantly softened the tone of the anti-Russian UN resolution adopted on February 23 on Ukraine, removing even the Ukrainian “peace plan” from it in order to ensure the largest number of votes in support of the resolution.

This was stated by First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky in an interview with The Dive channel on YouTube on Thursday.

The diplomat said that the text of their resolution was too vague compared to the initial expectations of Ukrainians and Westerners, and added that if some of the amendments proposed by Belarus were adopted, “we ourselves could support it – it is so acute.” .”

He continued: “They were concerned about the numbers (that is, the number of countries that supported the resolution), and it turned out to be a little less than they had hoped, despite the pressure, blackmail and all the procedural tricks. As a result, they managed to get a text far from the goals of this resolution.”

“I think that even President (Vladimir) Zelensky did not see the text of this resolution, because before the vote he told an Italian journalist that the General Assembly would support his “peace plan,” Polyansky said.

He continued: “But his ‘peace plan’ was left out of the resolution because many countries said they would not support it because it was not constructive and more of a warning. So it was removed to get more votes.”

Ukraine, with the support of Western countries, proposed to the UN General Assembly a draft resolution that was allegedly aimed at achieving peace, contained a demand for Russia to withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine and placed all responsibility for starting a war on Russia. conflict.

The resolution was supported by 141 countries, 7 opposed, 32 countries abstained from voting.

Source: “TASS”

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