UN: Hundreds of thousands displaced in Mexico due to violence

UN Special Rapporteur Cecilia Jimenez Damari said crime, illegal mining, illegal logging and local conflicts have displaced hundreds of thousands of people in Mexico.

The human rights expert explained that the Mexican federal government does not have statistics, but “secondary sources” such as NGOs, academics and local authorities gave her estimates that in Mexico, a country of 126 people, there could be between 350,000 and 400,000 displaced persons. , one million population.

Jiménez Damari released her findings to the press on Friday, following the conclusion of a visit that began on August 29, during which she visited four Mexican regions. Among the factors that contributed to this phenomenon, she cited the existence of “various types of violence, often caused by organized crime, sometimes associated with development projects, illegal mining and logging, electoral, religious and agricultural disputes.”

According to the expert, of the thousands of people forced to leave their homes, indigenous peoples have suffered the most. According to Jiménez Damari, “impunity and a weak justice and security system are two factors that have a significant impact on the displacement of people who choose to leave their homes out of fear.”

The expert will present her final report to the UN Human Rights Council in June 2023.

Source: AFP.

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