UN Finds Countries with Highest Female Representation in Parliaments

On the eve of International Women’s Day, the United Nations announced that women have entered a new stage of parliamentary representation and have become an integral part of all the parliaments of the world.

Representatives of the Inter-Parliamentary Union noted that the participation of women in political life has never been as diverse as it is today, explaining that women held a quarter of parliamentary seats in the 2022 elections in 47 countries, representing 25.8% of the seats, and as a result, the percentage of women reached in world parliaments, is equivalent to 26.5% at the beginning of 2023.

Analysts estimate that it will take at least 80 years to achieve gender parity in the world’s legislatures, given the existence of an atmosphere of discrimination against women in many countries of the world.

According to statistics, the parliaments of Denmark, Sweden and Norway are the most equal for women, as women make up 33-40% of parliamentary and legislative bodies, and the presence of women in the Israeli parliament has decreased significantly during the last parliamentary session. so now women occupy 29 seats out of 43.

In general, the parliaments of Rwanda, New Zealand, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United Arab Emirates are characterized by equal opportunities between the sexes in the legislature, with women occupying more than 60% of the seats in the House of Representatives of Rwanda. and 34.6% of seats in the Senate.

Source: agencies

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