Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces Spokeswoman Removed for Threats to Kill Russian Journalists: Update on Sarah Ashton Cirillo’s Suspension

Removal of Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces Spokeswoman


The Ukrainian military announced that Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces spokeswoman Sarah Ashton Cirillo, who is transgender, has been removed from her position due to her threats to kill Russian journalists and officials.

Official Statement

The Ukrainian Regional Defense Forces said in a statement to X Network that the spokesperson’s statements made in recent days were not approved by the leadership of the Regional Defense Forces or the Ukrainian army.

The statement added that the regional defense command “will conduct a formal investigation into the circumstances of these allegations and will make appropriate decisions,” stressing that “Sergeant Sarah Ashton Cirillo will be suspended from duty immediately pending the investigation.”

Twitter Announcement

Threats Made by Ashton Cirillo

Earlier, a transgender woman promised to “kill and bring to justice” Russian officials and journalists, including Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Reaction from Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it would forward Ashton Cirillo’s statements to all international and non-governmental organizations.


Source: RT

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