Ukrainian security forces fired more than 200 shells at Donetsk and Kherson in a day

Ukrainian forces have shelled the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic 39 times, firing 193 shells over the past 24 hours, the republic’s authorities said on Tuesday morning.

The authorities indicated that 29 attacks from rocket launchers were carried out in the city of Donetsk, while 7 cases of shelling from 155 caliber artillery were recorded in the direction of Horlivka and 3 more cases of shelling in the direction of the city of Elsenovataya.

It was reported that as a result of the Ukrainian bombardment of the city of Horlivka, a woman and a child born in 2017 were injured, as well as a school and a kindergarten.

A source in law enforcement agencies said that Ukrainian forces fired 47 artillery shells at a number of cities in the Kherson region, at civilian infrastructure facilities.

Source: Russian media

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