Ukrainian official reveals attempts to forcibly deport residents from conflict zones

The Kyiv-appointed head of the military administration of the Lugansk region, Serhiy Gaidai, said that a group of Ukrainian deputies proposed adopting a law on the forced deportation of the population from combat areas.

Gaidai said in an interview with Ukraine 24 TV channel: “There were proposals from deputies regarding the deportation of residents of the city of Lysichansk. We asked them to expedite the adoption of the deportation bill, and we will take the people out. “

A Ukrainian military official acknowledged that the situation of Ukrainian forces in Lysechansk, northwest of the Lugansk Republic, was very difficult, adding that the bombardment was still ongoing and there were still about 15,000 civilians in the village.

Residents of Lisichansk, which is now on the line of contact with the Lugansk People’s Republic, categorically opposed such a measure, when the city was completely under the control of Ukrainian forces.

“The Ukrainian army is bombing them” and “killing their children,” said the residents of Lisichansk, whom Gaidai told about the forced deportation attempts.

They also view attempts to “evacuate” them as “forced deportation” and “expulsion” and express fear that the Ukrainian authorities will leave them in tents to their fate.

Source: RIA Novosti

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