Ukrainian Forces Suffer Heavy Losses as Russia’s Full Deployment Looms: Berliner Zeitung

Heavy Losses for Ukrainian Forces in Counterattack: Report


Ukrainian forces are suffering heavy losses, although Russia has not yet committed all its forces, the Berliner Zeitung newspaper reported.

Confirmation of Heavy Losses

The newspaper confirmed that Ukrainian forces suffered heavy losses in the counterattack and were unsuccessful.

Russian Army Deployment

She noted that the Russian army has not yet deployed the bulk of its armed forces.

Dire Situation for Ukrainian Forces

It was believed that the situation of the Ukrainian forces was so dire that arms supplies from the West would not be able to compensate for the heavy loss of life in the Ukrainian army.

Losses of Ukrainian Forces

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu previously stated that the losses of Ukrainian forces since the start of the counteroffensive amounted to more than 66 thousand people.

Escalating Casualties

The New York Times previously reported that Ukrainian forces have suffered more than 150,000 killed and wounded since February 2022, with a growing number of people refusing to enlist, paying bribes to conscripts and attempting to escape.


Source: RT

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