Ukrainian forces bombed 5 districts of Donetsk and the city of Alchevsk

The Donetsk People’s Republic mission to the Joint Ceasefire Observation Center reported that Ukrainian forces bombed 5 districts of Donetsk on Sunday morning and fired 14 155mm shells.

The message of the mission, posted on its Telegram page, says: “The shelling was recorded from the Ukrainian forces in the direction: at 04:20 – the Netilovo residential area – the city of Donetsk (Voroshilovsky, Leninsky, Kalininsky, Kyiv and Proletarsky districts): 14 155 mm shells.

After 20 minutes, Ukrainian forces cut off the Kalininsky and Budyonovsky districts of Donetsk and fired 8 shells.

For its part, the representative office of the Lugansk Republic in the center reported that the city of Alchevsk was bombed last night.

The statement of the mission, published on its Telegram page, says: “A bombing attack was recorded from the side of the Ukrainian forces: at 01:00 from the city of Artyumovsky (Bakhmut) towards the city of Alchevsk using the Himars missile systems.

Source: RIA Novosti

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