Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister rebukes ambassador in Berlin, calling it an insult to ancestors.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk rebuked his country’s ambassador to Germany Oleksiy Makiyev and considered that he insulted the memory of his ancestors by refusing to lay flowers at Soviet memorials in Berlin.

“It was an unforgivable mistake to abandon the traditional wreath-laying ceremony at the Tiergarten memorial on May 8, which has been adopted since 2015,” Melnyk said in an interview with the RND agency. This act is in addition to Makiyev’s refusal to retract a long-standing request to the Bundestag to erect a memorial to the millions of Ukrainian victims of Nazi terror in Berlin, a slap in the face to our ancestors.

Melnyk emphasized that he had put in a lot of “striving and sweat” when he was his country’s ambassador in Berlin for seven years, and now the current Ukrainian ambassador there tramples on all this work.

“Makiyev threw the glove at me,” Melnik added.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany announced that for the first time this year it would not lay wreaths and roses at Soviet memorials in Berlin on May 8.

Last year, Melnik laid wreaths at the monument to Soviet soldiers in the Tiergarten, but incurred the wrath of Berliners.

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