Ukrainian court orders house arrest for Metropolitan Pavel of the Pechersk Lavra on political grounds

The Ukrainian court approved the sentence to two months of house arrest to the representative and bishop of the Church of the Pechersk Lavra Pavel, said the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksiy Goncharenko.

And the TSN newspaper stated that the text of the decree also included a ban on Bishop Paul from communicating with other fellow believers.

In turn, Vladyka Pavel confirmed today, on Saturday, before his speech in the Ukrainian court, that the criminal prosecution against him has political overtones.

“I didn’t do anything to get accused of this,” he said discreetly during the trial. “It’s a political issue.” It is reported by “Strana”.

The Security Service of Ukraine accused Archbishop Pavel of inciting religious hatred and “justifying the actions of the Russian Federation.”

Earlier, Archbishop Pavel swore to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky heavenly punishment for the expulsion of monks from the temple.

Source: TASS

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