Ukraine’s Failure Could Halt NATO’s Expansion Plans, Warns American Expert

American expert Stephen Bryan, in an article for Asia Times, said that Ukrainian troops could end up in the Zaporozhye direction in a situation similar to the situation with Nazi troops near Kursk.

Brian, of the Center for Security Policy and the Yorktown Institute, said that the scale of the tank battle near Kursk during the Great Patriotic War, of course, far exceeds the scale of the current battles in the Zaporozhye direction, but in many other respects the situations of 2023 and 1943 are similar.

According to him, among the similarities can be noted the active use of armored vehicles and mines, as well as the improvement of the tactical qualities of the Russian side. However, the expert believes that the main similarity lies in the consequences and results of the battle.

The expert added: “Any decisive setback in Ukraine will certainly halt NATO’s expansion drive. Hitler correctly understood that he lost the Battle of Kursk: after which he finally abandoned Operation Barbarossa. If the Ukrainian offensive continues to falter, Zelenskiy faces the same dilemma.”

The expert noted that the differences between the situation in the Zaporozhye direction and the Battle of Kursk also play a role in Russia’s favor.

He said: “The Russians are defending themselves and are effectively repelling Ukrainian attacks. We know little about Russian losses in equipment and personnel, but it appears that the Ukrainian attacks are being successfully fought back – at great cost to Ukraine and its Western allies. Some of the advancing Ukrainian brigades were practically annihilated, and some retreated unsuccessfully.

The expert also noted the losses that Ukraine suffered in relation to Western armored vehicles – Leopard tanks and Bradley armored vehicles.

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