Ukraine’s Ambassador to NATO advises against overstating evaluation of counterattack

Ukrainian Ambassador to NATO Natalya Galibarenko urged not to expect a retaliatory strike too much.

This is reported by “European Truth” about the statements of Galibarenko in an interview with the Lithuanian national radio and television LRT. Ukraine is sending signals to its Western allies not to expect too much from the counterattack and not consider it decisive.

“It may take several counterattacks, we do not disclose this. This counterattack will be important, but let’s not get too hung up on it, even if the size of the liberated territory is small,” Galibarenko said.

At the same time, the ambassador added that she does not yet see favorable conditions for peace talks with Russia.

And US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken did not previously rule out that a counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces would begin in the coming weeks, while Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov indicated that an offensive could be expected after the end of the thaw, and Kiev plans to launch several strikes. Experts interviewed by Novosti pointed out that it is impossible to believe the contradictory statements of Kyiv and Washington, which may be part of a disinformation campaign.

As Apte Alaudinov, commander of the Chechen special forces Akhmat, put it, this attack will be a “swan chirp” because Ukrainian forces will have no reserves left after it.

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